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About Alyaf Al Tawasul Co.

Alyaf Al Tawasul Co. is one of the fastest growing privately owned Telecom & IT equipment dealers in Saudi Arabia and we’re a good reseller of Cisco, Juniper and HP and etc… Networking Hardware and accessories in addition to the Passive Materials for you projects in Saudi Arabia With an extreme focus on using technology to better reach and service our customers, and to streamline processes, we have fast response with good prices and quality for all our items. This has given us an edge above the competition and allows us to move quickly into new market segments and quickly claim our market share.

Through our fundamental core focus in Telecom & IT related products we have established ourselves in a niche market that has given us strong roots in our industry. We continue to build both our core and auxiliary product lines such as networking accessories, power products, and rack hardware related items. We are also constantly exploring and considering many new product lines as well.