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This Membership Agreement is entered into between Alyaf Al Tawasul, a company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and registered under the email, and the MEMBER, for the purpose of establishing the terms and conditions for utilizing services provided by Alyaf Al Tawasul’s e-commerce platform.

Hereinafter, the e-commerce platform published under the domain name “” shall be referred to as the “SITE,” and individuals who become members of the Alyaf Al Tawasul internet site shall be referred to as “MEMBER.”


The purpose and scope of this agreement are to enable the MEMBER to benefit from Alyaf Al Tawasul’s internet site, perform membership procedures, define site usage conditions, and determine the rights and liabilities of the Parties.

Alyaf Al Tawasul reserves the unilateral right to determine the terms of use for the site.


Any individual who has reached the age of majority can complete the membership form accurately and become a member of the site by accepting the terms of this agreement. Membership status is subject to approval by the site. Membership begins upon completion of the approval process and notification to the MEMBER.

SITE membership is personal and non-transferable.

The personal information, including the email address and telephone number, provided by the MEMBER during the membership registration process shall be owned by the MEMBER and must be accurate and active. The SITE is not responsible for any errors resulting from false declaration of contact information by the MEMBER. The MEMBER declares and undertakes to indemnify Alyaf Al Tawasul for any losses incurred due to the misrepresentation of this information. The MEMBER acknowledges that the information provided to the site is not stored by the SITE contrary to the facts and the law.

For all login and communications related to the membership, the contact information provided during the membership registration process shall be used as the basis.

The name and surname provided by the MEMBER during the membership application, as well as other security-related information, cannot be modified by the MEMBER. However, the MEMBER may modify other personal information via the internet site or Customer Services. To modify the required information through Customer Services, the MEMBER must successfully pass the security check and confirm their credentials.

The MEMBER shall not disclose the password granted by Alyaf Al Tawasul to any other person or entity, and the permission to use the password belongs solely to the MEMBER. In the event of any claims or requests brought by third parties or competent authorities against Alyaf Al Tawasul, or any liabilities arising from unauthorized use, Alyaf Al Tawasul reserves the right to seek indemnification and other remedies.

The MEMBER acknowledges that written and verbal communications with Customer Services may be recorded by the SITE for better service and operational security, and gives consent for the storage of these records. The SITE reserves the right to reject membership applications from individuals who wish to benefit from the services covered by this Agreement. The SITE also reserves the right to terminate a membership with a justification when deemed necessary. The terminated membership information will be retained in the Site’s database for a specified period. Alyaf Al Tawasul reserves the right to change the SITE, the terms of use, the information presented on the site, and any services, product campaigns, etc. available on the SITE without prior notice. Such changes become effective upon publication on the site. By logging into or using the site, the MEMBER is deemed to have accepted these changes. These conditions also apply to other web pages linked from the SITE. Alyaf Al Tawasul disclaims any responsibility for interruptions, errors, omissions, delays, computer viruses

Processing time for orders made through Bank Wire Transfer and EFT at Alyaf Al Tawasul, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is determined by the moment the payment is credited to the company’s account.

If a product is out of stock, Alyaf Al Tawasul reserves the right not to deliver the item and will inform the customer accordingly. If the order was placed via Bank Wire Transfer and there are procurement issues, only the product prices will be refunded.

Alyaf Al Tawasul takes full responsibility for ensuring the complete delivery of the product. It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully inspect the product upon delivery. If the product is missing or damaged, an official report must be obtained from the delivery personnel. Otherwise, the product will be considered delivered without any issues.

For purchases made using shopping cards or debit cards, all responsibilities arising from card usage lie with the customer. All credit card transactions and approvals during site usage are conducted online between the relevant bank, card institutions, and the customer independently of Alyaf Al Tawasul. The site does not have access to or store sensitive information such as credit card passwords. If unauthorized use is reported to the site before the order is delivered, the order will be canceled, and a refund request will be submitted to the bank.

When requesting a refund, cash refunds are not provided for payments made via credit card. Refunds for credit card payments will be processed through the respective bank. Refunds for payments made with installment plans based on credit cards may be made in installments according to the bank’s terms. Alyaf Al Tawasul is not responsible for disputes and delays arising from this matter.

Customers must refrain from communicating any illegal, threatening, unsettling, libelous, abusive, insulting, rude, pornographic, or immoral information via any communication channel provided by Alyaf Al Tawasul. Any such communication that violates the law and could result in criminal charges or legal proceedings is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Member comments are entirely the responsibility of the customer. If a member’s comments are found to be illegal, detrimental to the brand, or infringing upon the rights and security of other members, Alyaf Al Tawasul reserves the right to immediately terminate the membership, lodge a complaint with the relevant governmental agencies, seek compensation for losses and damages, and take any necessary measures and precautions.

Alyaf Al Tawasul is not responsible for the content of websites linked to or banners provided on its site. For other websites accessed through the Alyaf Al Tawasul site, the security and confidentiality policies and terms of use of those sites shall apply. Alyaf Al Tawasul shall not be held responsible for disputes, monetary and non-monetary damages, and losses arising from the use of information from mobile applications and websites accessed for viewing advertisements, banners, content, or any other purpose, including ethical principles, confidentiality-security measures, service quality, terms of use, and other applications. Customers are responsible for their decisions based on the information obtained from the Alyaf Al Tawasul site or other sites/mobile applications linked on the site, including information, introductions, and electronically communicated advertisements, as well as any suggestions, actions, and implementations performed according to them and their outcomes.

Customers acknowledge that files, information, and documents downloaded and/or shared on the Alyaf Al Tawasul site may not be protected against viruses, worms, trojan horses, dialer programs, spam, spyware, or other malicious codes or materials. Alyaf Al Tawasul does not provide any guarantees in this regard.

All forms of usage rights for written, illustrated, and audio materials, with or without graphics, available on the internet site of Alyaf Al Tawasul (, shall be reserved. By accessing the site, the user acknowledges, declares, and agrees that the services and products provided by the site, as well as all visual and audio materials associated with their presentations, are the intellectual property of Alyaf Al Tawasul. These materials may not be used or distributed without the written permission of Alyaf Al Tawasul. They may not be published, copied, used on personal or publicly accessible internet pages, or marketed without authorization. Furthermore, the user acknowledges that the software used by the site to provide its services is copyrighted by Alyaf Al Tawasul, and its usage is strictly limited to accessing the services. If the member uses or quotes these materials without the knowledge of Alyaf Al Tawasul, the site will not be held responsible for any resulting losses. In such cases, Alyaf Al Tawasul reserves the right to pursue compensation for incurred damages and take legal action.

Members are prohibited from publishing, posting, or transmitting any information, software, or materials derived from commercial sources, including advertisements, that infringe upon someone else’s publication rights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.

Members are responsible for any deliberate or unintentional attacks on the internet site or site database, as well as any malicious acts that may cause damage. Alyaf Al Tawasul shall not be held responsible for any compromise of membership information due to attacks on the site’s database or internet site, nor for any consequences resulting from the unauthorized use of such information.

The software and design of the internet site are owned by Alyaf Al Tawasul, and their copyright and/or other intellectual property rights are protected by law. Unauthorized use, acquisition, or modification of these materials by members is strictly prohibited. Other companies and products mentioned on this website are trademarks of their respective owners and are protected under intellectual property rights.

In accordance with legal regulations, ALYAF AL TAWASUL may collect certain information, such as the name of the internet service provider, the internet protocol (IP) address used to access the site, the date and time of access, the pages visited, and the internet address of the website allowing direct connection to the site. This information may be collected by Alyaf Al Tawasul for the purpose of improving and developing the internet site and/or as required by law. By accessing the site, the member agrees not to request the collection, sharing, use, or storage of the aforementioned information.

The member is responsible for the security of their connection to the site. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure secure login, protect their membership information, and use the secure log out option when logging out of their account. Alyaf Al Tawasul will not be held responsible for any security vulnerabilities arising from the member’s actions.

The member acknowledges and agrees not to claim any rights due to unforeseen system crashes caused by hardware or software failures, service disruptions resulting from errors or deficiencies, or interruptions or resumptions of purchased services. Alyaf Al Tawasul shall not be held responsible for any interruptions or outages of services.


Upon registration with Alyaf Al Tawasul, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and corresponding with us via email at, it is understood that you, as a member, have carefully reviewed and accepted all the provisions outlined in this membership agreement. By completing the membership process, both parties electronically sign this agreement, which becomes effective on the mutually agreed-upon date.

Please note that the articles pertaining to the membership agreement may be subject to modifications by Alyaf Al Tawasul, provided that such changes are duly communicated to you.

This agreement shall remain in effect until either the member cancels their membership or the site terminates it.


By entering into this agreement, you expressly grant permission and consent to Alyaf Al Tawasul, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its affiliated companies, to send you SMS, push notifications, commercial electronic messages, and other communications through various channels such as social media, online networks, automatic search, computer, telephone, fax, email (if enabled on your device), Bluetooth, wireless networks, and other electronic communication tools. These communications are intended for introducing, advertising, promoting, selling, and marketing various products and services, as well as providing information related to store cards, credit cards, memberships, operations, and applications.

Upon completion of the membership process, we will send a confirmation message, such as “your approval is received,” to your mobile phone or email address provided during registration. As a member, you have the right to unsubscribe or opt-out of “commercial electronic communication” at any time by following the instructions provided in the message or our electronic communications. Please note that communications required by law or necessary obligations will continue despite your opt-out.

If you modify any information, including your contact details, through the member information update process on our website, you acknowledge that your previously given consent for personal data and electronic commercial communication will also apply to the modified or new information. In case you choose to stop receiving commercial electronic communication through a specific channel by adjusting your communication preferences or by using the opt-out feature in commercial email messages, your consent for other channels will remain in effect unless you update your communication preferences on our membership page or submit a separate opt-out request. Until such changes are made or a rejection notification is submitted for any commercial communication in accordance with the provided procedure, you will continue to receive our commercial emails through the respective channel.


As a valued member of Alyaf Al Tawasul, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we want to ensure that you are fully informed about your legal rights regarding your personal data. Therefore, we kindly request your express permission (consent-approval) for the automatic/manual collection, transfer, storage, protection, accessibility, usage, update, modification, consolidation, reorganization, classification, disclosure, sharing (both within the country and internationally), processing through transfer, and other relevant actions involving your personal information.

This may include your name, surname, nickname, age, gender, marital status, residential area, educational background, interests, shopping preferences for various products, likes, invoice details, mobile/home/business telephone number, device code, technical advertisement identifier-identity information, email address, and any card information except passwords. It also encompasses location data.

Alyaf Al Tawasul, along with its parent company, Data Expert ALYAF AL TAWASUL and affiliated companies, as well as resident and non-resident partners, business partners, successors, service providers, suppliers (including social media operators), and other third parties and institutions determined by them, may process your personal information for legal purposes. This includes providing you with general and personalized product-service offerings, opportunities, and information, as well as conducting product-service analysis, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card, and membership procedures.

By taking necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of your information and in compliance with legal regulations, we assure you that your data will be handled with utmost care. We will process your personal information in relation to your product-service purchases, including the products you have bought using your contact details and other provided personal information. Furthermore, this may involve gathering personal and non-personal information about your online and physical store visits, as well as your shopping activities in these locations.

If you agree to the aforementioned rules and principles as a member and wish to join the Alyaf Al Tawasul website , subject to the described conditions, and if you grant the specified permissions/approvals, we kindly ask you to complete the membership process by checking the boxes next to the statements related to the membership agreement and/or commercial email deliveries, indicating your consent regarding these matters.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation and trust in Alyaf Al Tawasul.